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Bench Router Table

Today let’s have a look at the new compact router table from Rockler. Designed for use with a trim router this new table is one I can see getting a lot of use in my shop. Bringing new versatility to your compact trim router, this small, 11-1/2'' x 15-1/2'' , table is made of ¾” vinyl wrapped MDF making it both durable and strong. The table comes with pre-drilled holes at the rear for attaching a clamping strip so it can be firmly clamped to a bench, table or nearly any other work surface. At the heart of the system is the clear, round 1/4'' thick acrylic base whose 1 1/2'' opening can fit most any trim style router bits. The base comes pre-drilled to fit several of the more common trim routers on the market. Fitting the Bosch Colt, Porter Cable 450 and 7301, the DeWalt DW 611, and other popular trim routers, you also have the option of drilling your own holes to match most any other trim routers.


Attaching the base to my Porter Cable 7301 couldn’t have been easier. Once attached, I made a few adjustments and cuts to see how the new base worked with typical routing operations without the table. The clear base made it easy to see the work, and the new base didn’t get into the way at all. Slipping the trim router into the table made for an easy transition from freehand routing to table operations quickly. The fence and guards adjusted just as easy as with its larger cousin.

Installing a round-over bit I made a few simple cuts. The optional dust collection port kept the work area clear and is well worth the investment (about $11.00) whether you have a complex dust collection system or a simple a shop vac. The smooth surface let the wood glide easily across the table.


It was easy to see that Rockler’s trim router table will handle what ever work that is appropriate for the smaller sized trim routers. Combine this with a price that is excellent for its value and craftsmanship (only $59.00), the compact router table is a good investment for the home workshop and I am happy to recommend it to our readers. It would make an excellent holiday gift.




While I was working with my trim router and the bench router table I noticed an odd amount of vibration and the router would turn a little bit after I did even a small amount of work. Looking closely I noticed there were holes for leveling screws but no screws. I searched all the packaging and my workbench and even the floor but no screws. So I called up Rockler's technical help desk and explained my problem. The lady on the other end of the phone reassured me that yes there should be leveling screws for the base to keep it level and free of rotation. She took all my information and said that new ones will be on their way today. I have always have received good customer service from Rockler and this is yet another opportunity for them to display it again.


In just a couple days an envelope with new screws in it. I attached the leveling screws, adjusted them. The rotation stopped, the vibration stoped and there it was problem fixed.


The Trim Router Table is available from rockler, just click on the ad below.


Trim Router Table with FREE Router Table Dust Port ($11.29 Value!)
Get more out of your compact router with a rugged, adjustable Trim Router Table that goes anywhere! A Rockler Exclusive, pre-drilled holes on the back of the Trim Router Table let you attach a clamping strip for quick use on the edge of a bench, a table, a piece of plywood, or the tailgate on your truck. Perfect for small applications like routing round overs, chamfers, and small dadoes in your shop or at the job site. Sets up quickly yet it's just as easy to detach your router from the table without tools. Use your router with the included 1/4" thick acrylic base to do freehand work like a standard router. The acrylic base not only provides a wide, level base for freehand work, it's pre-drilled to fit most popular trim routers. Also includes an adjustable fence that's compatible with the Rockler Router Table Dust Port (21528, sold separately).

Trim Router Table with FREE Router Table Dust Port ($11.29 Value!)

Trim Router Table with FREE Router Table Dust Port ($11.29 Value!)



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