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SheetMaster from Rockwell

Every now and then we get to test a really nice tool, the Rockwell “SheetMaster” is one of those tools. , The SheetMaster is an upgraded version of Rockwell’s JawHorse. Rockwell tools have been in the tool business since 1994. In the fall of 2008 they introduced the original JawHorse, a very versatile clamping and work station. Now they have updated the design with the release of the new SheetMaster, with over a ton of clamping force the SheetMaster is the answer to many requirements around the house, workshop or worksite. The clamp is closed with the use of a foot pedal leaving your hands free to manipulate the item being clamped.

The SheetMaster has a full 4 feet of clamping reach and will hold a sheet of plywood sideways firm and steady. During the test of the SheetMaster I placed a 4’ x 4’ sheet into the clamp and I turned the SheetMaster into a portable table, usable as a glue up station or just a table for what ever you are working on if you don’t want to clamp it in. Using the clamp, it can hold anything from a door, a bicycle or a miter saw. Replacing the need for a second set of hands, The SheetMaster has rubber covers on the clamping jaws that leave the work unscathed. The possibilities of the tool are vast and varied. Anyone who has read a lot of my reviews knows I love a tool that can serve many roles. I have a small shop so space is a premium. The SheetMaster folds up to a compact 12” x 16” x 3’ tall, and is easily stored in a closet or beside your workbench. The addition of a set of wheels it is easy to move. Weighing in at 43 pounds it is pretty easy to carry from home to worksite. The legs of the SheetMaster have a wide stance that makes it quite steady. The feet are padded with a non-slip rubber keeping it from sliding around while you work. While I had my 4’ x 4’ sheet in the clamp I sat on the edge of the plywood (I do not recommend you use the SheetMaster as a seat and never stand on it) it didn’t lean over or shift. Taking only seconds to set up from the folded state, the SheetMaster is ready to work right away.


I foresee using this tool for many years to come, made from 8 gauge steel. There is not a single plastic part anywhere, a feature that I praise whole-heartedly. Over all I found the construction of the SheetMaster to be up to the standard put forth in all the Rockwell tools I have seen so far. This is an easy recommendation and I would really like you to consider this a necessity for your woodshop. Available through several home stores and hardware shops for around $177.76 plus shipping if you get it online.There are several accessories that can extend the uses of the SheetMaster. A welding station, a log holder, saddle bags to hold tools as well as several others. There is an excellent video of the original JawHorse showing off the features, there isn’t a video of the SheetMaster upgraded version just yet that I could find but the features are nearly the same with the addition of the upgrades. if you are interested check it out. For Rockwell’s JawHorse video click here


What can I say; I fell in love with the SheetMaster right away. I will keep you informed of the longevity of the system over time. If you have one I would love to hear what you think of it. Write something in the comments section at the bottom of the article. For Rockwell's website click here










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