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Rockwell JawStand™ XP

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Rockwell JawStand™ XP

The JawStand™ XP from Rockwell may be the single best and most versatile stand available today. This tool has been tested in our shop for about 6 months, proving to be a high performer and is a great tool for many different applications. First it is an effective infeed/outfeed material support. It has a super slick surface that allows materials to slide as well as any roller type stand we have tested. In addition, a micro adjustment crank lets you adjust the stand to the perfect height for any task. The wide stance of the three leg design makes this the most stable stand I have tested bar none.

The tool was tested vigorously and we tried to test it in as many applications as possible. In the shop we used this as an outfeed roller, Drill Press stand, long board support and dead man for the workbench. Then we went on site with the stand and used it again as a dead man for installing cabinetry and crown molding. The stand has a small vise built into the top that is designed to hold a 2x4 perfectly. You can use any length of 2x4 that is needed for the job at hand. In our tests we installed crown molding and a full set of kitchen cabinets. The stand worked as good as, or better than having another human helper and here is why. The stand does not get tired and weak causing the cabinet to wiggle around and thus making the install difficult. Also with the micro adjustment the placement of the cabinets very accurate and this made instillation as snap.

Next came the crown molding. We installed molding in a room with 10 foot ceilings and 24 foot ceilings. The job went well in both cases thanks to the JawStand™ XP. While adding a long 2x4 to the stand to do the tall ceilings pushed the stand to its limits, it remained stable. The crown was installed faster safer and more accurately than if it was done with two people. I am sure I will find even more uses for the JawStand™ XP, because it is such a stable base, but for now it is a useful tool both in the shop and on the job site. This all combines to provide a great value for the asking price. Now let’s take a minute to look at what makes the JawStand™ XP so cool. The tubular steel construction utilizes legs approximately 2 inches square.with large feet of molded high impact plastic. Then add the round tubing upright and you have a stable stand that won’t tip over under normal use.

This JawStand™ XP can be purchased directly on the Rockwell website for only $79.00. It is well worth double the asking price. I love having a reliable stand to use as an out feed roller as well as a long board support and a drill press support. I plan on adding another stand as soon as I can. It will make it easier to drill long workbench tops on the drill press.

I give this tool five stars out of five on my star scale. It is simply the best stand available for all the tasks I have to do in the shop and on the job site. The stand also folds down for moving around and convenient compact storage. This is a top shelf tool and it will make your shop a safer and more productive workspace, as well as being a vital addition to any job site tool list.



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