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Straight Flush Saw

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Straight Flush Saw
By Cuz-D Industries

In the world of woodworking, situations often arise where we are asked to build, or help with the building of homes, sheds, and other structures, and when asked it is something we typically don’t shy away from. When we build homes with the current materials of the trades today we make a choice of what type of tools we will use and I have seen hundreds of tool Ideas come and go over the years. Some good, some OK, and occasionally something great in its class. In the latter category I would place the first worm drive Skill Saw (circular saw) and it soon found its way onto almost every jobsite. Later smaller men have switched to the sidewinder saws and while these are OK I would not consider them a great advancement. In fact circular saws have been in an innovative stagnant swamp for about 50 years with the only exception being the new track saws we love so much.

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Dewalt 780 Compound Sliding Miter Saw

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dewalt-780-splashWhen I began the test on the DeWalt DWS 780 12” double bevel sliding compound miter saw the classic yellow and black colors carried with it a prejudice towards quality and durability due to my experience with their tools in the past.  I did my best to clear these expectations from my mind in order to give this tool a proper test.  So I pulled up my sleeves to tackle it with a clear mind and did my best to remove all expectations from my head.


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Jet 708492K JPS - 10 TS, 10 Inch ProShop Table saw with 30 Inch Fence

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For the last 14 years or so, I have been struggling through my woodworking projects using an old Craftsman table saw from the early 1960s. Nearly as old as I am, the old saw just can't cut anything harder than a sheet of three-quarter inch plywood so I began my hunt for a suitable replacement. Of the top table saw brands in my price range I was attracted to the Jet ProShop 10 inch for its versatile hybrid design without the limitations of a contractor's saw and without the cost and size of a full cabinet saw. 


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