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Bench Dog Pocket Push stick.

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Bench Dog Pocket Push stick.

This was simply the easiest review I have ever done, but a lot went into whether I would endorse the product. I received this tool only a few days ago and I normally like to work with a tool for at least several months before I will write a review. However in this case we are evaluating a simple push stick. I liked that it was long enough to clear the guard on my saw (Yes, I do use a guard on my saw), and the tool worked great. I normally keep my push stick on the top of the rip fence because it won’t fall off the fence but this one is designed to fit into your shop apron or trouser pocket. Soon after putting the Pocket Push Stick in my apron I was ripping a board and sure enough I had left my primary push stick on the router table. Well right then it hit me, I had that new push stick in my Apron pocket so I pulled it out and finished the rip. It worked well on that large board and then I decided to play with it. It is pretty thin so I set the fence to rip off ½ inch from a test board and the push stick went right by with no problem. This thing does not cost very much so deciding to buy one is not a difficult decision. It does exactly what it is designed for so I will always keep it in my apron for those times when someone has left the big push stick on another tool, or when ripping thin pieces. The handle of this stick is thick and nicely padded. It is comfortable to hold and didn’t flex while pushing a large board into the blade. The tool is designed to be a backup for the times when you misplace your primary push stick. Nothing is worse than having to turn the saw off in the middle of a cut and risk burning a precious workpiece or expensive hardwood. I was asked to review this tool only a week ago and am reluctant to rush a review but this one just fell from the sky, so to speak Since this tool is for your pocket it is always with you when you’re in the shop, so you may never be without a push stick again if you buy this tool. This one gets a speedy nod of approval. I think you will find that is does a good job and the price is right so why not buy two and give one to a friend? It is unfortunate we are just beyond Christmas because this would make a great stocking stuffer for the woodworker in your life.



Bench Dog Pocket Push Stick
Go from jointing, to sawing, to routing without ever having to search for a push stick! This pocket-sized push stick slips into your tool pouch or back pocket so it's always handy when you need it. It's also a great portable model for the jobsite. Polymer material has a little ''give'' for durability while in your back pocket.

Bench Dog Pocket Push Stick

Bench Dog Pocket Push Stick



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